For Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid, Canonical replaced their own init system Upstart with the de facto standard in the linux world for this kind of job: Systemd. Even though this is a very big change under the hood, all my upgrades went extremely smooth. None of the official packages had any problems whatsoever. The only problem I had was with a 3rd party application, installed from a ppa: BubbleUPnP server.

BubbleUPnP server is a companion app to the BubbleUPnP app on android. It is a completely optional component and provides features like persistent playlists accross various DLNA renderers or transcoding when casting to a chromecast. The authors provide a PPA with Ubuntu packages, but this only ships with an Upstart job. The package will therefore not start as a service or at boot anymore.

I’ve spent some time converting the upstart script into a systemd service. Hopefully this will be useful to some people.

Create a Systemd Service

  1. Delete the old Upstart scripts /etc/init/bubbleupnpserver.conf and /etc/init.d/bubbleupnpserver. They will confuse Systemd

  2. Create the file /usr/share/bubbleupnpserver/ This script will run before the server starts and make sure it picks up on the configuration specified in /etc/default/bubbleupnpserver

    if [ -f "$DEFAULTFILE" ]; then
            . "$DEFAULTFILE"
    # Make sure daemon is started with system locale
    if [ -r /etc/default/locale ]; then
            . /etc/default/locale
            export LANG
    OPTS="-dataDir ${DATADIR} -httpPort ${HTTP_PORT} -httpsPort ${HTTPS_PORT} -nologstdout"
  3. Create the file /lib/systemd/system/bubbleupnpserver.service This is the actual Systemd Unit describing the service.

    Description=BubbleUPnP Server
    ExecStart=/usr/share/bubbleupnpserver/ ${OPTS}
  4. Start the server in your current session by running either of the following commands:

    service bubbleupnpserver start
    systemctl start bubbleupnpserver.service
  5. Register the service to start at boot by running systemctl enable bubbleupnpserver.service.


This version ignores the USER variable you can set in /etc/default/bubbleupnpserver. You can add that in by changing the ExecStart line to:

ExecStart=/bin/su - ${USER} -c "/usr/share/bubbleupnpserver/ ${OPTS}"

I haven’t tested that though.

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