Introducing DD-DNS

Service discovery is an age old problem, made ever so complicated by the copious layers of virtualisation and isolation that we use nowadays to run anything. Since humans are better at remembering names than numbers, DNS can be very effective at helping to solve this problem, and indeed a lot of projects already exist in this space. However, I have decided to create another one: DD-DNS or Docker-Dynamic DNS service, which can create and update A records at public DNS providers in real time based on docker labels. In this post I’ll explain the problem that I wanted it to solve and compare it to a few other solutions I have considered. The code, along with instructions on how to use the tool are available at »

Pass Credentials to the awslogs Docker Logging Driver on Ubuntu

Last year docker added support for multiple logging drivers. This makes it very easy to integrate your docker containers with a centralized log management system in a transparent way. If you want to use the AWS Cloudwatch driver you will need to supply the docker daemon with access keys, which proved to be trickier than expected. Here’s how I managed to get it running. »