Create a NAS with Redundancy Using Snapraid

Like a lot of techie people, I run a home server to centralize access to music, video’s, photos and other files. Because I have built my own server using a HP Proliant Microserver running Ubuntu, I need to do a bit more work myself in order to group my disks together in a redundant pool. This post will focus on how I’ve configured AUFS to expose my disks as a single volume and configured Snapraid to add redundancy and bitrot protection to the data. »

Comparison of RAID-like Systems for a Home NAS

There are a lot of ways to configure a server with multiple disks as a redundant network attached storage device. Most rely on RAID-like systems, but there are alternatives. In this post I compare a few of those systems and explain why I chose to use AUFS combined with snapraid. »