Comparison of RAID-like Systems for a Home NAS

There are a lot of ways to configure a server with multiple disks as a redundant network attached storage device. Most rely on RAID-like systems, but there are alternatives. In this post I compare a few of those systems and explain why I chose to use AUFS combined with snapraid. »

Hack your WD Greens

WD Green and Red disks are physically identical, with only a firmware setting distinguishing them. The default settings on a WD Green will cause them to die prematurely when used in a file server environment. Fortunately you can change this setting very easily. Here’s how. »

A Monokai Theme for Konsole

Through the Github Atom editor, I recently discovered the Monokai colour theme. This theme was originally created for the TextMate editor and then converted to Atom. Because I find it quite pleasing to look at for long periods of time, I decided to give my terminal a similar look. »

Release an Android Library on Maven Central

If you’re coming from the javascript/npm world, release a module is as easy as running one command. Maven Central being a java thing is much more involved and verbose. Hopefully this post makes the hoops you have to jump through a bit more clear. »

New Year: New Blog

I have been running a blog in one form or another for a multitude of years. The past years I’ve mostly been using wordpress, but the maintenance was becoming very annoying. There are also very limited offline writing options. In short, it was time for something different and because I was already creating my drafts in markdown, jekyll seemed like a good choice. Currently it’s still a bit empty here, but I intend to move over the posts from my other blogs over the coming weeks. »

Author image Wouter Dullaert

MX Player and DTS sound

MX Player is one of the better video players available for android, but on my Tegra 3 powered tablet it required a bit of extra work before I could get the sound on most of my video files to work, particularly movies encoded with DTS or AAC. Fortunately, if you know where to look you can get it all working in a few minutes. Enable the software decoder for audio By default MX Player will try to use hardware decoding for as much files as possible. »

Wlan and the Networking service on Ubuntu

Because I have a mix of GUI and CLI systems, I configure all my machines through the command line. For networking this means I edit the /etc/network/interfaces file. Most of the time, this works just fine, except that after upgrading to the newest Ubuntu release on my laptop, all of a sudden my wireless network wouldn’t come up at boot. In a previous version of this post, I wrongly suggested that removing network-manager would solve the issue. »

Developer menu on Android 4.2+

If you recently bought a Nexus 4 or upgraded your phone to Android 4.2 you’ll probably be missing the “Developer options” in your settings menu. Fortunately, Google didn’t remove the developer options from their new version of Android, they just hid it from prying eyes. If you press 5 times on the Build-number in the About phone menu, your phone will recognise you as a developer and the Developer options menu will magically reappear. »